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The thief who stole my heart

Mary and the monkey.

I have went to the orphanage and I got to play with the children there, which to my surprise was rewarding in its self. I met a young girl named Mary who was just one of the high lights of my stay here in Ghana. It really was not in my plan to go to the orphanage and I take it was God's will for me to go. my class mates were looking for me and I had six children surrounding me, I was talking to them and showing them my pictures of my family. This one little girl name Mary was really in reserve when we first got there. The sadness that was in her eyes spoke to me and I just could not resist taking her into my heart. She didn't want to take a picture but I some how talked her into it by telling her that ' All pretty girls need their picture taken,' so she allowed me to take the picture and than she proceeded to sit on my lap and share a laugh or two. My heart became broken when it was time to go because she didn't want to tell me bye and the tears that were in her eyes along with the sadness just rushed in like crushing waves from the ocean. I felt so bad because I wanted to take this little girl home with me to the US and make the sadness go away. I wanted to chase her sadness away like you chase away a thieves who has come to take away your precious possessions. I finally got her to smile and to tell me bye when it was time for me to go. The thing that surprised me was I too was sad that I had to leave Mary there in the place that ate our joy like a holiday feast. when I got back on the bus I cried as if I had suddenly became an orphaned and I longed for my parents the same as the young girl did. She will never get to know how much she has changed my life. How could I ever learn of such sadness? well simply put I too am a motherless child. The day that my own mother passed away and left me on this earth, was same day that I experienced the same hurt and confusion of a four year old girl, in a deserted place of anguish. I will pray every day that God will comfort Mary and give her peace in the midst of all the confusion. Mary is truly a thief who stole my heart.

The monkey
I saw a monkey up close and personal, although I didn't get that close because the fear of being harmed. I was walking back from school and saw a monkey on a leash tied to a tree. You think it sounds amusing? Well it is quite funny looking as it sounds. yesterday he was tied by the neck, but today he was tied up by the tail. When I stopped yesterday to take his picture, the whole changing of his face made me tell my class mate let's get out of here before we get our faces bite off. You think pit-bulls are intimidating, try having a pet monkey guarding your house. This thing was scarier than my dog. For all the people who said 'bring me a monkey back' no thank you come and get your own monkey, I don't want no parts of it I rather go to the zoo and view a monkey.
large_DSC00043.jpghello Ghana

hello Ghana

Coming in for a landing

Coming in for a landing

The method to my madness of this blog is: the thing that hurts can be the thing that you love and the thing that you think is funny can really hurt you. I will have plenty of picture this weekend when I go the coast I am excited and can't wait see you soon. Ghana Girl over and out!!!

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A reflection

comfort and water

I have been running been here not even a week and the things that I have heard, seen and done makes me understand myself, mother, father and even my grandmother. What I have learn thus far is that I am of the matriarch side of the family and I am the head of the family. You see here in Ghana the person that takes on the duty of taking care of the family and keeping up with the duties that the mother once had is now in charge of the family.
I have buried a brother and a mother, and I do know that one day I will have the job of burying my father as well as my siblings if I am blessed enough to see them to their death. Here in Ghana this is what makes me in charge. I am the head of my tribe in Cincy. This is my rite and this is my comfort zone. I never knew why I was a bossy lil ole thing and now I understand that it is in my blood, my genes.
When you consider the facts that we as black people were slaves and most of the slave trading came right out of Ghana, and then I think of my grandmother she looks like a Ghanaian women, she eats like an African (with her hands), and a lot of the ways in which she trained her children are Ghana.
I absolutely love it here and I am making do with what I have. this is something that I am ever so grateful to my parents for instilling that into me. Some of these people are having a hard time and are very lost at times. Why you may ask? Well because at times there is no water to shower or to use at the sink, but you can go outside and draw water from the system there ( bucket bath). I have to keep telling my fellow students just think of it as if you are camping. Water is something that I have taken for grant in the USA and have really been fortunate to have it when ever I think I might want it. Water is something that we never think of or it is unheard of running out of it. Well when I have heard reports that we are running out helium; well anything is possible. God will ruin those who are ruining the earth. Please do your part to take care of her and she will take care of you.hello Ghana

hello Ghana

Coming in for a landing

Coming in for a landing

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New York is the begining

Kathy's Ghana Trip

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Good Morning,
I have arrived in New York safe and sound. This is the point from where the adventure begins. I leave tonight from JKF one the big longer ride across the big blue ocean. I have been waiting on this moment to come and now that it is here I can't believe it. I will be in Africa six whole weeks learning and exploring the country side.

When I think of leaving from New York, I think of leaving my mother's womb. The reason this is like leaving the womb for me is, because this is the last piece of American soil I will touch for 42 days and I will become a foreigner. I have struggled through planning this trip as a infant pushing through the birth canal, trying to get it's head into position to to come out the womb. Now that my head is at the cervix it is only a matter of time before America starts pushing and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, who will become a woman.

A woman will be born unto Africa. the job of Africa will be the job of a mid-wife/nanny. Africa will; clean the baby, name the baby, feed the baby, and help her to grow into a full grown woman. The apron strings that I cut away from my grown child will be the strings that I just cut from the one parent that I do have living on God's green earth. This old girl will have to live by the land and remember all the survival skills that I have learned from my parents.
I will not be able to leave picture at this time, but I will get on just to tell you what I am experiencing at the moment or just what has occurred during the coarse of the day. While in New York I am not sure about pictures, it really depends on what I see fun or funny. I promise to try to capture you with Africa's beauty and splendor that is awaiting all of our eyes to see.

I will make some of you proud, jealous and even wonder. As I leave pictures I will make this into a story, this is how I will put my African storytelling skill that I will be learning to great practice. Although I wanted to leave a blog yesterday I could because trying to get a connection was awful. The early bird is the one who catches the worm, that is how I am coming at you today. Some days when you read my blog it will be in the form of a interview from Kathy Porter with Ghana Girl (my alter ego).

Those of you that have been reading thorough my facebook "Kathy Ghana", you are the ones who have seen all my worries, doubts, and fears. These are the ones who have been with me from day one while going through the birth canal, which was an adventure to get to the adventure. I am going to go and enjoy some of New York so that I will sleep well on this long flight over the ocean, until than take care of yourselves and each other ( as Jerry Springer says). I am about to shut down the blue eye ( my computer), which is the eye that gives you a view through my world for the next six exciting weeks. over and out Ghana Girl.

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