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Hi Blogger,
Nothing fun today just some words that came into my heart. I have bonded with the group quite well and I feel I have made some lasting friendships along the way. Adjusting for me has not been so hard, but I have had some adjusting to do. I have not had a roommate in over twenty years and it was not a college room mate either. There were some bumps in the road with my room mate and I have worked through it. I have learned a few things about her and she has learn a few about me, but through it all we have learned a few things about our selves. What I have learn is that we work well together, although I have got a separate room.

Two very strong women working together on an issue that I think we both cared about, which is the driving conditions here in Ghana. You see a employee here at the University, her daughter is running for Miss Teen Ghana, and her daughter wrote a proposal to a cell phone company. Well the employee want people to look over the work and help fix it. Isabel and I worked on this together, and I really enjoyed working with her because she had really strong ideas to bring to the table. She is a very intelligent young lady and she is very sweet I just couldn't stand up to having a room mate. Out of the people on this trip I will cherish her the most because she is very sincere in every thing that she does and that is such a great quality to have. Thank you Isabel for that talk we had to have that was eating at both of our souls.

To Brian the very loud, yet funny guy who you can't help but to love him because he is so true to himself and says 'don't judge me,.... he is judging him self and that is enough for him he will learn in time.' If any of these people were missing I don't think this group would be the same. I even heard an employee say we were the best group ever to come to the University of Ghana( yaay us). Morgan the girl who would not say two words now is talking and laughing all over the place.

Although there are days I just need to pull away from the group, there are days I need the group as well. I would like to thank the whole groups parents' for having such wonderful children. Every one is very cordial and have a spirit to them that I love and we blend well. I have learned a lot from each of the and will take a piece of them with me.

Going to the service learning that I am totally not getting credit from is rewarding in its self, which is at the basic school. I work with children ages 4 &5 years old and this is certainly a learning experience. Today I did less teaching of 73 students, although we play a game or two it was still teaching. The game that we play was 'ring-a-the-rosy,' the kids had fun playing it and they caught on quick =) but all of a sudden they changed the game on me. Ashes, ashes we all fall down? no it changed to ashes, ashes we didn't fall down, nor would they fall down ( group of four girl). They proceed to make their own little circle on the fall down part and continue to stand (2012 twist to ring around the rosy African style). All I could do was laugh because the propose of the service learning is to teach them something and learn from them ( this I did). I don't even want to tell you how messed up the game of duck duck goose went ( I will have to really work wit them on this one). I got really frustrated with duck duck goose that I am glad that it started raining so this could end.

The school system here is so different than the U.S. but yet it works in away that there is so much more discipline, and respect for authority figures. Their are children being left behind unlike Bush's no child left behind, but some how when corporal punishment left the schools children became more rude and disrespectful. Yet children in the U.S. are being push right out of the school system and not able to pass the standardize test that are given, such as that achievement test, OGT and etc. Although they have a lack of respect for authority ( this wont get them very far in life).
These kids really are pushed more than American kids when it comes to education (kindergartners). I wish I had the money that Oprah has, just so these kids can have better books, nicer desk, play-doh, and some plastic markers or beads. Today they were working on math and they were using old bottle tops as counters. This really worried me because of the risk of cutting their hands and the germs that these rusty tops have. I would probably paint the walls of the school a happy color. Just some of the little things that our children in the U.S. don't even appreciate like these children would. Don't get me wrong Ghanaian children are some happy children, they like any other child I know love to laugh and play. I like that they look forward to Auntie Kathy from America to come to the school. So what I don't get credit from my University I get smiles and laughter and that is worth more than any course I have ever taken. I will make sure to take a picture of them just so you can see for your selves the little faces that make me not only smile but chuckle.

Yes there is always one kid in the bunch that is considered the problem child and I hold him dear to my heart. I find myself spending more time with him because I know that he knows the work he just has a very short attention span ( we call it ADHD). Getting children at this age is not easy to handle but it is such a reward when they have learned from you. This reward is better than any bachelors degree.

I have a Storytelling class in the A.M. so I had better close my blue eye and get some rest morning comes early around here, and besides these frogs are not going to let me rest. We are in the rainy season here so when it rains all kinds of things come to life around here like termites and frogs. There seems to be a village of frogs under my window that are very, very, very loud; I think it is mating season for them. Whatever season it is I feel that it will be eat, frog leg season if they don't shut up. it is seven your time but eleven my time with that said good night America!!!!!!!

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A day at the beach


The day at the beach was wonderful, we had some entertainment while we were there. The group of children performed for us they did some dances that make your legs sore just watching them. This was awesome, the drums just made you want to get up an bust a move or two.

This was a REAL live beach y'all, not Houston woods..I can now cross one or two things off my bucket list of stuff to do. I should have known this would be loads of fun when the group got crazy on the bus. Being in Africa on a canoe, gives canoeing a whole new meaning.As you can see from the pictures in my gallery the canoe was wooden, but it had a motor on it. I am sorry I can't tell you exactly where we were, I didn't ask, nor did I think I cared all I knew was I was going to the beach. The waves from the sea were very strong and not to be messed with because the group felt that the fun was all in getting knocked down by the waves, so that became the thing to do get bowled over by waves.

After getting knocked down several times and collecting shells, we got hungry and it was time for lunch. We caught the boat up the river and had lucnh at some swanky little place that served all the local dishes that I think everyone is growing tired of. We went swimming in a pool, the water was very warm and I didn't want to get out. We played water soccer (what every that is), at least we had a soccer ball that I now know how to bounce off my head; thanks to the Abigail's boys. Water is so therapeutic, I felt like a kid again playing so hard in the water.

When it was time to go back we had to board the bus no more boats:-( the funny thing is the whole group dropped out like flies. This was a day to remember for me, which I didn't take a lot of pictures for you all to see because it is hard to take pictures and have fun at the same time. What ever I don't have on film I have etched in my memory bank forever. I hope that you all look at the pictures and grab an image of the day while reading this blog.

Please feel free to ask questions or make comments about any picture that you see or any blog that you read. I have a big weekend coming up that will cause for lots of pictures to be posted any plenty of typing on my part. If my English professor is reading these blogs I hope that you are not cringing at my terrible grammar, because there is so much in my head while I am typing my fingers are not moving fast enough.

I have mid-terms coming up and I need to go study and read for my African storytelling class. Oral literature is very interesting and at times can be confusing, so I really need to nail this mid-term. Over and out; Ghana Girl is closing her blue eye. Good night people I am beat after all the sun, sand, and giggles.

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pieces of Ghana

I have truly had a ball here in Ghana, all of the things that I have seen, heard, and done. The thing that bothers me the most are the lizards. Out of all the rooms why do I keep getting lizards in my room?? These lizards run around here like the own something ;-][. they are not your average Florida lizard.

I have been really enjoying the African dance the most and will try to get some picture of that for everyone to see just how that is going for not just me , but for the whole group. There is one guy in the group that STINKS at dancing so bad that I can't help but to laugh. I have to give him an A for his effort in dancing. Today in class we had to do a solo piece of dance and this kid did a break dance on the floor for his solo, which just sent me the dance instructor into a laughing frenzy. I think that that break dancing was probably the best that I have seen him preform. My body aches so bad from the dance today. Ever been so tired that all you want is to drink water, take a bath, and sleep. Well that is where I am right about now. I feel like I am on fame with all this dancing.

As soon as I can I will try to get a video or picture of this wonderful event that take place twice out of the week. I have received so much attention from the Ghanaian people that it is sooo over whelming at times that I have to hid. Tomorrow I will be going into the village to hear a African storyteller and probably more shopping for all my loved ones that will be waiting for my to get my self home. Oh yeah I get to drink the famous palm wine. Okay all you U.S. professor's yall have to step up your game, the African professors are taking students to drink wine, and for this it makes African professor's number one in the student's book. On Saturday I am taking a field trip to the beach, this shall be fun. I will take lots of pictures of both even ts for you guys.
I am falling asleep trying to typing this blog, Good night bloggers take care of yourself and each other. Ghana Girl over and out.

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you may now return

Hello Bloggers,
I am in the process of trying to upload picture of the castles, but the internet is very slow here. going the slave castle was very moving for me. I went through several emotions while walking through there. We got a chance to go into the male slave dungeon which was so dark that when we came out your eyes would hurt, not to mention the mere fact that a bat was flying around in it. I got a chance to walk through 'the point of no return' (door) . Walking through this door gave me a very eerie feeling and a sadness came over me. Thinking about all of the ancestors that actually went through that door and never got to come back home. All the mothers snatched away form their children and husbands from wives. The tour guide walked us along the actual route that was taken by the slaves from the dungeon, down the corridors, through the door and onto the balcony where the docks were and ships waiting for the slaves. While standing on the balcony and looking out to the sea I felt very lost knowing that many lost or took their lives by jumping into the water opposing slavery.
The one thing that I was glad to know was NOW on the other side of that door there is a sign that read 'the point of return,' which means that we can now return home. When I say home I mean that those of us who has been blessed with the opportunity to come to Africa and actually utilize it can come home. When making plans to come to Africa I was told don't be surprised if I wasn't accepted and that I would actually feel alienated. I feel nothing less than like an alien, I greeted and treated like a sister all the time.
I am learning a lot about the culture here along with the rich history of Ghana. Learning about Ghana helps me to learn about African-Americans as a whole. I really hope these picture upload because I really want to shre with all of you what they don't put in the history books in America. I can only share the picture I will never be able to share the spiritual aspect of it nor the smell of death with you either.

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A Tale of Two Men.

Du Bois & Kwame

Hello Bloggers,
This was very exciting a tour of W.E. Du Bois's Africa home was very informative. I once heard someone say a wise man has a few words and a foolish man has many. With that said Du Bois was a wise man who in just the three years that he was here in Africa he got lot done. He is truly a freedom fighter. I now understand Why he has schools and streets after him, he was a great inspiration to president Kwame, Martin Luther King, Malcom X this is just to name a few. It is people like him that make the world go around and around. Thanks a million W.E. Du Bois for all that you have done. One Love!!!

This is a greatest man of all time, especially in Ghana. He was loved by many, many, many people I even saw a picture of him with Castro (ijs). He was very famous here in Ghana and this country was very sad when he died. For once I didn't have to feel stupid all alone because no one in the group knew who he was, and at least I did know who he was; thank you African friends from Cincinnati for making me have one smart moment. Kwame was wellllllllllll loved by many. He was the first president of Ghana after the liberation in 1957. May you rest in peace Kwame. There is so much rich history here in Ghana that it will take me days to tell you all about it, even Jesse Jackson got a little name here.

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