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Hello Bloggers,
I am giving you some of my final thoughts as this week is dwindling down. This is my last week in Ghana and I woke up quite sad this morning because I knew that I was going over to the basic school to see all 73 of my children today for the last time. I will miss these adorable little boogers, I have learned a lot from them and I hope that I have left an impression on them in any kind of way. I was a little disappointed that the one kid that seems to always get into trouble wasn't there today and I didn't get his picture, although we did have a chat about his behavior on Thursday and I hope that I got through to him and he will always hear that american voice saying " Kweku please behave for auntie Kathy and make sure you please pay attention to auntie Patricia ,Beatrice and Head mistress Julie or you will get a beating my child."

When I arrived at the school today they were very quiet and no one got out of their seats when I came in ( a look of shock), well I still had to walk around and touch every little hand or head, a wink here a smile there to let them all feel my presences. On Thursday I thought they would rip my dress right off of me, we would fall to the floor and for sure I was going to land on someone's kid and crush them to death; thank God that didn't happen.

I made all smiles today with a picture of them, yep I have pictures of All My Children. I am going to make each and every kid something with their picture on it , but I let the teachers know that they would have to write their names on it because I don't remember everyone's name. I will miss playing games with them and helping them count and learn their ABC's, reading words, and writing. I have learned how to be a teacher in six weeks even in my fear. What I have learned from the children is not to be afraid of things; you got this auntie. I think I will do well in my major of education thanks to all 73 of them I have learned to rely on my instincts and I am not to old to learn, and especially from kids.

I had to try to leave the classroom as fast as I could because I felt tears burn my eyes and I didn't want them to see me cry, but that is hard to do when you have some children having a Kong Fu Death Grip on your hand. I won't be receiving credit for going to the basic school BUT I don't care because of this rewarding experience I have all the credit that I need for it with lots and lots of love. If had the opportunity to do it all over again would I??? yes I would. Volunteering is the best thing that any one can ever do , not for the program but for yourself.

Don't forget to switch over and look at all my children and the amazing teacher's who work with such big classes. These are truly strong women. I not only learned from the children, I also learned from the teacher's themselves. The head mistress told me today that she would miss her shapely lady and she would be praying for my safe return back to the USA. I have never gotten soooooo many hugs from people as I have gotten today; teachers that I were not even in their class room that I have met even hugged me today when they heard I was leaving to go back to America, talk about making impressions.

I feel that I have made a bigger impact on people than I had ever imagined; You Americans don't seem to be that impressed with me ijs LOL.
Yes I am American, but Ghana will be in my heart as home and I am waiting on the day when I get come back home again(insha Allah). I don't think I have been this happy in years, nor relaxed ( the Ghanaian way). I will continue to blog even when I get home because there will be things I will remember that will pop in my head and I have not posted all 1200 picture yet. Shalom folks have a good day and remember to say a prayer or two today not for just yourself but for someone else who just may need it more. Ghana Girl closing her blue eye, over and out.

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